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Pumpkin Vines LLC was the brainchild of husband and wife team Katherine and Barry, both are cloth diaper enthusiast; they love to spread the word of the fun and ease cloth diapering.

A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design Katherine designs custom diaper fabrics for “cut & sew” and diaper cut applications. Each design is conceptualized by this husband-and-wife team in order to have the widest variety possible while still maintaining a graphic style that a diaper addict can be proud of.

About the name. Pumpkin Vines LLC is named after our children. For years we have called our three dogs our “pumpkin heads.” with the arrival of our first human child it was only natural that we called her pumpkin too.


  • Everyone can benefit from learning about skin to skin contact, baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-bathing, elimination communication and positive parenting.  We believe this can be done through 1:1 interactions and group information sessions. Pumpkin Vines believes that all parents need to trust their instincts; it is the goal at our events that all guests feel confident in their choices for their family. We respect that every family is unique.  
  • Natural Learning

    Feeding with Love & Respect

    Cloth Diapering

    Organic Products

    Informed Decision making

    Joint parenting

    Ecological Responsibility

    Imaginary play

    Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Repurpose

    Holistic Health Practices

  • Pumpkin Vines LLC Imports two major brands: Elf diapers and AnAn Baby diapers. The premium ElfDiaper line includes all in one, pockets and covers. The ElfDiaper pocket diapers are available with velcro and with plastic snap closures. AnAn Baby diapers offer an affordable import option for people just trying pocket diapers.
    The store cells Cut & Sew patterns, Anan baby pocket diapers, a wide range of ElfDiaper including AIO, pocket diapers, diaper covers.